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Lethbridge based Home Builder that strives to deliver exciting, sustainable, and innovative buildings that exceed clients expectations.


VALBUILT is a construction company specializing in net-zero/net-zero ready residential and small commercial properties. We offer a professional and personalized service to people interested in high quality new builds or renovations in Lethbridge and Southern Alberta.

With more than 10 years experience in the construction industry, we have been able to assemble a team of dedicated professionals from Lethbridge/Southern Alberta and abroad. The name VALBUILT comes from the owner’s name Val (short for Valdrin), indicating his reputation behind the brand and also signifies value (value built). Offering the best building techniques and concepts from around the globe to give a unique and functional end product. Clients can also take great comfort from having such an experienced team at their service when it comes to building in a prairie environment known for its heavy snow falls and harsh weather patterns.

VALBUILT maintains an intimate company structure. This guarantees that you will be dealing with the same person that owns the company instead of Project Managers, Supervisors, and Foreman that you will encounter in a large home building company.

The reputation for quality and professionalism that VALBUILT has been able to build over the years is due in large part to the hands on style and personalized service that is only possible in a company of this size.

Building your dream home should be exciting and enjoyable. From initial design right through to decor, VALBUILT can co-ordinate each part of the process for you.

Our Work

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much more does a net-zero home cost compared to a standard home?

Roughly 8-15% depending on the features and quality of materials, if you want solar panels or not (whether it is net-zero ready or net-zero).

What is the difference between net-zero and net-zero ready?

Net-zero is where the home produces as much power as it consumes throughout the course of a year, whether it be through solar panels (most common) or other means of power generation. Net-zero ready is where the home is not producing power but still super efficient, and you pay much fewer utilities than an average built home.

Is there a gas furnace, how do you heat the house?

There is no gas line at all attached to the house, only power. We use either radiant electric heat or a heat pump depending on what the client desires.

What r-value do the walls and attic have?

Roughly R-40 for walls and R-90 for attics depending on the project.

Are net-zero homes structurally stronger?

Yes, they are much stronger since the walls are 12” thick compared to 6” code built walls.

How is the resale value?

Re-sale value is much better due to lower utility bills and being a healthier, stronger, longer lasting home. There is also less supply of these homes, further improving resale.

What makes your homes healthy?

Each home has a HRV (heat recovery ventilator) that circulates the inside air with fresh outside air. Approx 1/3 of air circulates every-hour depending on the fan setting chosen, which gets rid of germs, stale air and humidity. This technology also transfers the heat to the fresh incoming air.

Does location matter?

Yes, these types of homes rely on the sun and weather, so it needs to be planned right in order to generate more power and make it more comfortable for the residents. Lot analysis helps us with situating windows, overhangs, roof slopes, doors… etc.


Lethbridge's man builds net-zero home for environmental and economic sustainability


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    Lethbridge based Home Builder that strives to deliver exciting, sustainable, and innovative buildings that exceed clients expectations.

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